Beyonics launches a state-of-art powder coating plant in its Malaysia flagship factory

10 December 2021

Beyonics has launched a state-of-art power coating plant within its Malaysia flagship factory located in Johor Bahru.  This facility enables Beyonics to provide in house finishing services to its growing customer base from the Healthcare, Automotive and Technology sectors.

This powder coating plant designed by Beyonics has both advanced automatic coating and manual coating capabilities.  The automatic coating process offers extremely high transfer efficiencies and good coverage for standard profiles, while the manual spray process can fully coat difficult profiles.  This combination of offerings ensures all designs and volumes can be supported.

Additionally, Beyonics has constructed its own wastewater treatment facility to guarantee the highest standards in ecology and environmental protection, in addition to creating a safer and healthier working environment.

“COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainties to global markets,” said Lou Hughes, Beyonics CEO, “Investing in a new power coating plant in Malaysia at this critical time will help us streamline our supply chain and respond quickly to the growing demand for tailored solutions and consolidate our leading position in the industry.”

Learn more about Beyonics Powder Coating Capability, welcome to visit: https://www.beyonics.com


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