Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity to Innovation

At Beyonics, we believe that diversity is a crucial factor in achieving success. We recognize that having a team with diverse backgrounds, experiences, talents, education, gender identities, races, ethnicities, and abilities serve not just as a competitive advantage but a key that our people are being valued and respected for their differences. Our goal is to create equitable outcomes by empowering our employees, providing opportunities, leveraging expertise and experience, we enable faster, smarter decision making and creating innovation for the company.

Leading change is a team effort. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture, where everyone feels empowered to do their best work because they feel accepted, respected, and belonged.

Representation In Our Workforce

Employee data as end of 2022


Learn more about our employees and what we do for our community at Beyonics on a regular basis.

During the covid-19 epidemic sweeping the world, with the support from government agencies MITI, CITF, MOSTI and MOH, Beyonics hosted the onsite vaccination at Beyonics iPark Malaysia to fully support the COVID-19 Immunization Programme as one of the pioneer companies in Malaysia.

  • Build a stronger immunity community
  • Resume our ‘normal’ lives
  • Support and accelerate the recovery in the region

More than 125,000 people have been displaced as unusually heavy rainfall in December 2021 caused Malaysia's worst flooding in years.

Beyonics employees in Malaysia raised cash and donated rice, flour, sugar, instant noodles and other supplies to assist the victims of the historic flood in Malaysia, helping them tide over the difficulties and rebuild their homes.

Every year, Beyonics companies from Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand hold regular blood donation drive, and employees from all locations will actively support and participate.

Beyonics remains committed to giving back to society in any way possible.

Beyonics’ success is deep-rooted in the development and success of our highly qualified employees - the right employees with the right skills are crucial to our future growth. Beyonics has also signed the MOU for future cooperation with ILPPG to continue providing technical skills training to enhance the professional skills of our employees.

Since early 2000’s Beyonics had created many partnership with Universities, Polytechnics & Technical Institutions across our sites in the 4 countries to promote community involvement and presence through engaging and sharing with the prospective workforce inspiring industry relevance and real-world experience outside of classroom. It eases transition to the professional world and allows students to work with smart and motivated people, confirming career goals/choices and develop/advance their skill set.

Interns are placed on short 3-6 months period where they not only gain valuable work experience, but also get ready to enter the job market.