Creative design and tooling solutions to support aluminium die casting and plastics injection molding projects

Tooling Solutions

Experienced toolmakers at Beyonics specialize in providing creative tooling solutions to support projects for aluminium die casting and plastics injection molding production processes.


  • Sequential mold, stack mold, double-colour injection mold, insert mold, outsert mold, overmold, unscrew mold, etc.
  • Large automotive and medical enclosure and cosmetic tools up to 450 tons clamping force.
  • Precision tools and gears up to AGMA 8 (Din 9 or JIS 5).
  • Molds for small precision to large parts from 15 to 1600 tons.
  • Parts with wall thickness of less than 0.18 mm.

Engineering Services

  1. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  2. Early Involvement

  3. Mold Flow Analysis

  4. Customized Automation

Tooling Technology

  • Makino, Charmilles and Sodick wire-cut / CNC machines for precision injection mold fabrication
  • Makino / Charmilles EDM machines
  • 5-axis milling, grinding and super drill machines
  • CMM and Optical Scope in metrology laboratory
  • Advanced Unigraphics 3D NX software for mold design and CAM programming
  • Autodesk Mold Flow Insight for plastic flow analysis prior to final mold design and fabrication to optimize product manufacturability and quality

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485

Locations Featuring Mold Design & Manufacturing

Design and fabricate molds for small precision to large parts - 15 / 1600 Tons.

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