Beyonics continues to optimize automated manufacturing capabilities

22 June 2021

At Beyonics, we are committed to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers consistently and efficiently, no matter your region or market.

Utilizing tooling and automation techniques and machining knowhows, Beyonics offers robust end-to-end aluminium casting, machining and finishing/gasketing solutions for the healthcare, automotive and technology sectors.

For projects that require incredible precision and cleanliness, any displaced metal can cause critical and potentially hazardous situations.  Deburring is an important part of the sheet metal process chain.  It is a key process in ensuring that our customers receive parts that are consistent and have no metal contamination.

Over the last 12 months, we have added four automated deburring lines to the Beyonics Changshu and Malaysia sites.  Check out our automated deburring process, with 6 Axis-robot arms, while ensuring the consistency of product quality, it also speed up our manufacturing process and improve safety of our workers.

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Photo: At a glance – Automated Deburring Workshop at Beyonics Changshu Site