Form-in-Place EMI Gaskets, an ideal gaskets solution for Automotive application

30 October 2023

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) interference are both types of interference that can disturb the sensitive inner workings of a device and cause technological malfunctions. EMI gaskets are critical for maintaining electromagnetic compatibility, ensuring signal integrity, complying with regulations, protecting sensitive components, minimizing crosstalk, providing environmental sealing, and offering design flexibility in electronic devices and systems.

While EMI gaskets were previously reserved for radio communications and military equipment, today they are used in a wide range of electronic equipment. Especially in the emerging Electric Vehicle market where densely packed electronics and sensors need to be protected from crosstalk, to provide better performance and reliability.

With proven design and engineering capabilities, our experienced engineering team at Beyonics works closely with customers to provide a comprehensive and innovative range of automotive gaskets and sealant solutions to help establish and enhance your EMI defenses, and Form-in-Place Gaskets are one of them.

Form-in-Place (FIP) EMI gasket solutions provide car designers and manufacturers with a much better alternative to solid gaskets for automotive systems. It can automatically dispense high-conductivity on metal or plastic substrate to form an EMI shielding gasket according to the customer’s different design with computer-aided programming dispensing equipment.

Our automotive FIP EMI gasket solutions provide total contact between the two faces, and a durable seal for all types of flange geometries. They can also add structural strength.

Advantages of FIP Gaskets:

  1. Because FIP gaskets are dispensed in liquid form through computer-assisted programmed automated dispensing equipment, they can fill extremely precise and complex spaces that cannot be filled with gaskets produced by other methods.
  2. FIP gaskets can withstand extreme heat and cold, corrosion, UV exposure and repeated force. That makes them ideal for a wide variety of engineering applications.
  3. Although FIP gaskets can fit in small spaces with a high degree of precision, they are not limited to these kinds of applications. You can dispense a FIP gasket of almost any size, large or small.
  4. Waste-free. FIP doesn’t require cutting, binding or any of the other parts of the process that leave wasted gasket materials on the floor. FIP gaskets fill exactly the space they are supposed to and nothing more.
  5. Reduced assembly steps. Extrusion, die-cutting and similar gasket production methods require someone to apply the gasket to its housing, but FIP gaskets skip this step. That’s because they are dispensed and cured directly in their housing. Reducing assembly steps also reduces production costs.

Application of EMI Gaskets in Electric Vehicles:

EMI Gaskets are widely used in electric vehicles, mainly including the following aspects:

  1. Sealing of battery modules: EMI Gaskets can be used for sealing of battery modules to prevent friction and damage caused by battery modules during transportation and installation.
  2. Sealing of motor drivers: EMI Gaskets can be used for sealing of motor drivers to reduce noise and vibration generated by the motor driver during operation.
  3. Charger module sealing: EMI Gaskets can be used to seal the charger module to prevent friction and damage caused by the charger module during transportation and installation.
  4. Sealing of in-vehicle entertainment systems: EMI Gaskets can be used to seal in-vehicle entertainment systems to reduce noise and vibration generated by the system during operation.

Contact Beyonics today to enhance your EMI/RF interference protection. Our application specialists are ready to support your next Form-in-Place EMI gaskets requirement project from conception through production.