What is Insert Molding?

15 November 2023

Insert injection molding is a manufacturing process that combines the benefits of plastic insert molding and insert assembly into a single process. Beyonics offers this unique manufacturing process. The insert molding process uses engineering plastics for improved mechanical properties, such as wear resistance, tensile strength, and weight reduction, and uses metal components for strength and conductivity. The result is a single heterogeneous composite that provides superior functional performance to other manufacturing alternatives for products requiring mission-critical applications in healthcare, automotive, technology, and other industries.

Beyonics specializes in manufacturing high-precision insert injection molding parts for demanding applications, including automotive sensors for Tier One customers, FDA-compliant surgical instruments, and complex motor assemblies for high-end smart devices.

Advantages of Insert Molding

Firstly, it streamlines production by eliminating separate assembly steps, saving production time and labor costs. By integrating multiple components into a single molded part, eliminates the need for additional assembly operations and reduces the risk of errors or misalignment.

Secondly, insert molding enhances the structural integrity of the final product. The bond between the insert and the plastic material provides increased strength and stability, making it suitable for applications where mechanical strength is crucial.

Moreover, insert molding enables greater design flexibility. Manufacturers can incorporate injection molding inserts of various materials, shapes, and sizes, allowing for complex and customized parts. This versatility opens up possibilities for creating products with improved functionality.


Insert molding is widely used in various industries due to its numerous advantages. Some common applications of insert injection molding include automotive, healthcare, industrial, electronics, and consumer markets, such as housings, instruments, and sensors.

Healthcare Industry
Insert injection molding is widely employed in the healthcare industry to produce medical devices like syringes, catheters, surgical instruments, and implantable devices. It enables the incorporation of metal or plastic inserts with features such as fluid channels, electrodes, or drug delivery systems, ensuring precise functionality and biocompatibility.

Automotive Industry
Insert molding is extensively used in the automotive sector for producing components like connectors, switches, sensors, and ADAS components. It allows the integration of metal inserts for threaded fasteners, electrical contacts, and reinforcement structures, resulting in cost-effective, durable and reliable automotive parts.

Industrial Industry
In the industrial industry, insert molding is a valuable technique used to manufacture high-quality components and parts. It involves incorporating inserts, such as metal inserts or electrical contacts, into molded plastic, resulting in strong and durable finished products. Insert molding enhances the structural integrity, functionality, and performance of industrial components, making them suitable for various applications. Whether it’s producing tooling and machinery components, electrical enclosures, sensors, or fluid handling systems, insert molding offers the advantage of streamlined production, reduced assembly steps, and improved product reliability.

A trusted partner for manufacturing and innovative solutions

At Beyonics, we are proud to be a leading provider of insert molding solutions for various industries. Beyonics brings over 40 years of industry-leading molding experience, with our extensive expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we offer unparalleled capabilities in producing high-quality, complex, and multi-component parts through insert molding. Our in-house tooling design and fabrication capabilities, coupled with an end-to-end automated insert molding process, enable us to manufacture high-precision parts with complex profiles while ensuring consistent quality and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation, precision, and customer satisfaction has earned us a trustworthy reputation in the industry.

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