TOLERANCE +/- 0.125MM (0.005’’)

Die Casting

More than 3 decades of aluminium die casting and machining knowhow.

What We Offer

Complete end to end solution from mold flow analysis, DFM, VAVE, FMEA through die cast mold design, fabrication test and commission for mass production

Key offerings:

  • Die casting from 125 Ton to 850 Ton.
  • Machining (3 axis and 4 axis) and CNC turning for prototyping
  • Tumbling / Deburring
  • Shot blasting
  • Stress relief
  • Ultrasonic cleaning to VDA 19 standards.
  • Value add assembly services that involve cleanroom assembly and testing
  • Dispensing to form gasketing as part of housing manufacturing solution

What We Do

More than 3 decades of aluminium die casting and machining knowhow and participated in the segments of automotive, hard disk drive, aerospace, power tools, and industrial printer. Certified to TS 16949 and AS 9000 and more than 20 years of PPAP and APQP experience and applications.

Historically strong in 100 to 350 Ton die cast presses, we are moving towards higher tonnage due to productivity from multi-cavity application as well as larger parts for industrial and automotive applications.

Precision capability with low cost solution (maximize die casting, minimize machining and transfer datum machining at 5 microns level).

  • Thin wall applications through optimizing mold design and fabrication
  • Strong FOT (First Off Tool) performance. >80% of CTF dimensions within specifications
  • Established experience in DFM, PFMEA, DFMEA and supplement with mold flow simulation
  • Provide early supplier involvement and VAVE


  • ADAS applications such as camera, radar and laser systems; housings are die casted, machined and clean to VDA 19 standards
  • ECU housings with good cleanliness to VDA 19 standards , good finishing (optimum burr control) and good porosity control
  • Transmission valves die casting, machining and leakage test development and 100% leak test capability
  • Light weighting applications in powertrain area
  • Varying wall thickness control through strong engineering and mold design

Support Infrastructure

  • Full test lab that diagnose cleanliness, contamination of processes, parts and systems.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) laboratory with full-fledged equipment such as Smartscope, CMM and different testers.


  1. Rapid Prototyping

  2. 3D Visualization of Solidification Results

  3. Validation Assembly of New Mold Designs

  4. Process Simulation

  5. Tooling Design

  6. Manufacturing Simulation

  7. Metallurgical Testing

  8. Dimensional Inspections

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