Business Sectors

Over the course of more than three decades, Beyonics has grown to become a trusted manufacturing partner for businesses in a variety of industries. With its headquarters in Singapore and operations through much of Southeast Asia, the company is an integral contributor to the automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer products markets.

Automotive Solutions

Through the company’s precision-engineered aluminum die-casting, precision metal stamping, and the manufacturing and assembly of plastic components, Beyonics delivers a variety of precision units, customized interconnect solutions, and electronics assembly services to Tier 1 automotive parts manufacturers around the world. A few of the many precision parts delivered to those auto manufacturers include: Advanced Driver Assistance System components and sub-assemblies; power window and door lock system components; engine control unit housings; automotive sensors and fuel injection connectors; and complete dashboard, sunroof, navigation systems, and lighting assemblies.

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Medical Solutions

Some of the world’s leading healthcare companies rely on Beyonics for its precision medical devices and high-value product solutions. Through the operation of bio-burdened clean rooms—while meeting stringent safety and quality regulations—Beyonics delivers plastics-injection molding and manufactures medical devices that include hearing aids, blood glucose infusion meters, contact lens container components, precision plastic syringes, and complex surgical devices.

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Industrial Solutions

As a company that specializes in high-precision plastic and metal parts, Beyonics is an essential partner for many leading industrial enterprises throughout the world. In addition to providing full turnkey manufacturing capabilities for electronics sub-assemblies (as well as complete products), Beyonics also offers its partners services that include value engineering, prototyping, test development, and full-box build assembly and fulfilment. Beyonics manufactures industrial products for oil and gas, climatic control, and automation purposes.

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Consumer Solutions

Utilizing its expertise in turnkey electronics sub-assemblies—as well as complete product manufacturing solutions—Beyonics has become a valued partner to many global companies in a variety of consumer markets. With an emphasis on the full integration of plastics-injection molding and printed circuit board assembly, not to mention product testing, Beyonics has direct ties to the electrical appliances, telecommunication system, and connected devices markets.

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Our Locations

Beyonics may be firmly rooted in Asia, but the company also has a presence in North America and Europe. In total, Beyonics employs more than 5,000 professionals across three continents and seven countries.